Điều khoản sử dụng

You should read carefully all the terms and conditions before joining the service and billing through PayHub payment system.

1. Conditions of joining the service

- The terms and conditions hereinafter are applied for all types of credit cards joining payment service.

- You are using Products/Services integrated PayHub’s payment system.

- You are owner of credit card used for billing transactions.

- Card is accepted to operate by the Issuance Bank and accepted to pay by the Receiving Bank of PayHub.

2. Provisions of Change

- PayHub may change the Terms and Conditions at any time. All changes shall be valid since the date mentioned specifically in the email our system sends to you. The changes shall have impact on all the transactions incurring after the changes take effect.

- 1. Valid Transactions

- The transaction follows properly the instructions of the system.

- Having accurate and real transaction information.

- No complaints from cardholders about unclear transaction.

3. Policies of Return and Refund

- All transactions implemented via international card payment system of PayHub cannot be changed and returned after customer’s transactions have been completed.

- In any case you have a problem when implementing transaction, please contact the supporting staff in the Products you are using to get help.

- You have the right to claim in case you charge successful but did not receive service within two (02) Business Days (excluding weekends and holidays) from the time your transaction is confirmed as successful. Only complaints sent via email to the customer care email of PayHub shall be considered as valid. If after two (02) Business Days from the time your transaction is confirmed as successful, without incurring any claim from you, PayHub will consider as your order has been completed and PayHub shall not be responsible in any claim incurring after this time.

- PayHub is intermediary payment system to ensure the safety of the transaction parties. Therefore, you must understand deeply and agree with PayHub about our right to send notification of transaction to you. These notifications shall be sent via email from the official email address of PayHub.

- In case that card acceptance system of PayHub has negative feedback on your card and transaction, PayHub shall stop your transaction and require verification of information from you and your bank.

- Our system highly appreciates your information privacy and using the best methods to protect your information and payment. Your information in billing process shall be encoded to ensure the safety. After you complete the ordering process, you shall exit the safe mode.

- You may not use any program, tool or other forms to intervene into the system or alter data structures. The system also prohibits the spread, propagation or encourage for any activity to interfere, destroy or penetrate system’s data. Individuals or organizations that violate would be deprived of all the rights and shall be prosecuted under the law if necessary.

- All transaction information shall be kept confidential, but in case the Authorities require, we will be obliged to provide these information to the Authorities

- We advise you that you should not give details about the payment to anyone by email, we shall not be responsible for any loss you may bear in your exchange of information via internet or email.

4. The rights to reject transactions

PayHub may reject your transaction if PayHub receives any notices from card acceptance bank of PayHub warning history and origin of your card.

5. Account Management

PayHub has right to block the account using the service or suspend your transaction if you are suspected to abuse service system linked or owned by PayHub to implement illegal behaviors or harm the system of PayHub and other accounts on the system.